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Are you short on money in San Rafael? Has a medical emergency or other complication put you in need of funding immediately? If you need money in San Rafael, iTitle Loans could help you secure an auto title loan.

At iTitle Loans, we understand that life throws you curveballs. Sometimes you don’t have the funding to take care of them. For that reason, we are willing to help you obtain an auto title loan in San Rafael. Auto title loans are different from traditional loans. They do not require a long processing time or loads of paperwork.

Here are some benefits of getting an auto title loan in San Rafael through iTitle Loans:

  • High approval rates on auto title loans
  • No early payment penalty
  • Loan agreements range up to 48 months
  • Potentially improve your credit by paying on time 

Best of all, iTitle Loans could help you secure as much as $50,000 in funding through an auto title loan. If you own a vehicle, have the ability to repay, and are a resident of California, you could potentially qualify for an auto title loan in San Rafael.

Here’s some more great news. When you apply through iTitle Loans in San Rafael, you could qualify for an auto title loan even with bad credit. That’s because auto title loans use unique qualifying factors. Most banks would disqualify you outright for bad credit. Lucky for you, that’s not the case with iTitle Loans!

When you borrow money with an auto title loan, you get to keep your vehicle. As long as you make regular payments, you could stay driving around San Rafael. You experience little to no inconvenience. We want to help you secure the funding that you need for your unique situation. 

Apply Today for an Auto Title Loan in San Rafael

We welcome all of those in San Rafael looking for auto title loan funding to apply. Based on the equity value of your car and the amount you can put monthly towards a title loan, will determine the amount you could potentially borrow. If you are struggling to access loans through a traditional lender, call iTitle Loans. We have helped many customers get funding that they were unable to get through other lenders. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

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