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Can You Get a Car Title Loan With Bad Credit?

Car title loans were designed for people with bad credit. Because these loans put most of the credit decision on the value of your vehicle, you can often qualify for a title loan even if you have bad credit. People have been approved with credit scores as low as 495 providing they had sufficient equity in their vehicle and were able to demonstrate that they were able to repay the loan.

What About Bankruptcy?

Although you aren't able to get a title loan if you are currently in bankruptcy, people with past bankruptcies are still eligible. Even if you have only been out of your bankruptcy for one day, you can still qualify provided you meet the other criteria.

Collection Accounts and Charge Offs?

Having multiple accounts that have been charged off as bad debts or gone to collections will not disqualify you for a title loan. If you have enough equity in your vehicle and can meet the other requirements you could still be able to get a title loan with affordable payments.

What About Repossessions?

Having a repossession or even several repossessions will not disqualify you. Title loan lenders understand these types of situations. The value of your vehicle could still help you get a title loan if you have had repossessions.